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Hearing Aids in Thomasville, GA

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At American Hearing Aid Center, we are a proud part of the largest and only American owned and innovated hearing aid company. We've been proudly providing better hearing as individualized as the people who wear our hearing aids with the following services:

  • On-site parking
  • Wheelchair accessible



Patient Testimonials "The service has been phenomenal! There are simply no words to describe how pleased I am with my new Audibel hearing aids. Jason has been so patient with me and made sure I felt comfortable with my hearing aids. My experience has definitely been worth it!" - Linda Hoppock




Patient Testimonials"Several of my parents' family members suffered from hearing loss. I happened to be the one of my siblings who inherited this tendency in my immediate family even though my parents did not. Therefore after the urging of my children, I went for a hearing test. I began with Audibel several years ago and currently wear hearing aids in both ears provided through American Hearing Aid Center in Thomasville. Jason Murphy  and the staff are so easy to talk to and have taken the time to address my many questions. They have assisted me in understanding the amazing technology available in my hearing aids. I have been trained in how to adjust them easily and feel confident of their adaptability in any situation. It is my hope that sharing this testimonial will encourage others, who have had family members tell them they need their hearing tested, to take advantage of an opportunity to have a free hearing test. I wear mine with confidence and enjoy sharing how much better life is when you can hear those you love say, "I love YOU"!" - Lois Duncan



Patient Testimonials "When I'm talking with my friends, watching television or playing with my grandchildren, my hearing aids have come through for me. I must say that I am extremely happy with my hearing aids and with the service I have received from Jason at American Hearing Aid Center." - Gene Maddox





Patient Testimonials "It is amazing how much better I can hear now. I didn't realize what I was missing. Getting used to wearing hearing aids was extremely easy. Everyone at American Hearing Aid Center is very friendly. They have certainly stood by their commitment to make sure I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids. I highly recommend their service and products." - WL Carter





Patient Testimonials"I have been an Audibel customer for several years. Recently, Jason Murphy upgraded my hearing aids and I have been very happy with them. Most of all, his service has been outstanding and he is always willing to do anything possible to satisfy the customer and help them maintain maximum hearing efficiency." - Wayne Tootle




Patient Testimonials "I can recommend the American Hearing Aid Center with great enthusiasm. Not only have they provided me with a hearing aid to meet my needs, but they continue to provide me with periodic checks and service. This is a highly professional center with caring individuals at work. I am totally satisfied with the Audibel instrument and the friendly service I receive." - Marion Neil





Patient Testimonials "I am overwhelmed with the special care and service I receive from American Hearing Aid Center. I don't believe folks realize how their hearing is so very essential to their well being. I was unable to hear so I separated myself from others and became depressed. But, now that I can hear so much better with my new hearing aids I am a "NEW" person! Get help for your hearing loss, there is no reason you should not be able to hear." - Rita Atkinson