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At Audibel Hearing Aid Centers, we are a proud part of the largest and only American owned and innovated hearing aid company. We've been proudly providing better hearing as individualized as the people who wear our hearing aids with the following services:

  • On-site parking
  • Wheelchair accessible



Patient Testimonials "I have been wearing hearing aids for almost 10 years and I cannot imagine my life without them. If you have hearing problems, do not wait! Your ears are precious and the longer you wait the worse it will get. Having Chris and the staff at Audibel there for you at every phase of the process is invaluable!" - Annette Woodruff





Patient Testimonials "The staff at Audibel have helped me hear people so much better. Their service and follow-up care is the BEST! Before I got my hearing aids there were times I missed people talking to me. P.S. The best thing of all is I can actually hear my wife! Thanks Audibel!" - Aubrey Grossnikle





Patient Testimonials "Although it was evident that I had some problems hearing the last thing I wanted was bulky, uncomfortable devices just to help me hear better. However, when I finally made an appointment with Chris at Audibel in Valdosta all my fears were quickly alleviated. The aids have worked well and my family and friends do not even notice I am wearing them. In the morning, I put the aids in and forget they are there until bedtime. " - Bill Lewis




Patient Testimonials "The staff at Audibel are very patient and they insure the fit of my hearing aids were perfect. My hearing is the best it has ever been!." - Brenda Thrasher





Patient Testimonials "I am so grateful that I listened to my family who were constantly urging me to get my hearing checked. I thought I could hear..... but WOW! I didn't realize what I was missing. What a difference it makes wearing hearing aids and hearing so much better! Thanks Audibel." - Carol Rodgers





Patient Testimonials "I have had an Audibel hearing aid for about eight years. My hearing aids have enhanced my hearing and quality of life. Once I had a hearing aid my ability to interact with family and friends has really improved. Yes, hearing aids are an investment, but oh, they are worth it. Being able to hear better has made a world of difference in my life. It can make a difference in your's too." - David Tart




Patient Testimonials "Audibel really cares about people. My communication abilities at home and work have improved tremendously! I see such a difference in my hearing quality while wearing my hearing aids that I sometimes forget to take them off. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing hearing difficulties to visit my friends at Audibel." - Ed Perry




Patient Testimonials "Audibel's customer service is above and beyond! I refer people every chance I get." - Eugene Crews






Patient Testimonials "Working with Audibel and their caring staff is a pleasure.  I would say, if you have a problem hearing, get it checked!  It can make a world of difference in your life!  Now I can hear in groups again." - George Snow





Patient Testimonials "I'm hearing things that I had never heard before! I hear the birds singing from INSIDE the house. In Sunday School, I hear the teacher loud and clear!" - Harry Nielson






Patient Testimonials "After spending over 30 years in the radio business and many hours with headphones too loud, I suddenly realized my hearing was not what it was at one time. That's when I met Jason and Chris at Audibel and decided to give it another try. Now I enjoy sounds and services during my years in radio, and I can say I have never donebusiness with a more honest, more caring and better qualified firm than Jason and Chris at Audibel." - JC Johnson 





Patient Testimonials"With Audibel's help I am able to understand what is going on around me once again. For years in groups I could only hear what the person near me was saying but now I can understand voices in the group! I enjoy how the staff at Audibel treats me with respect, courtesy and dignity at each visit. They are wonderful and I always feel welcome!" - Jeanette Coody





Patient Testimonials "You wear "cheaters" for your eyes, why wouldn't you wear "cheaters" for your ears? Being able to hear every detail as a pharmacist is very important. It has enabled me to continue working in a profession that I love. Every waking second of your life you use your ears!" - Kay Hickman





Patient Testimonials "I have been wearing hearing aids for nearly 20 years. My Audibel hearing aids that I have now are the best I have ever had! I am finally hearing things I haven't heard in years. Why Audibel? Because they are as good as the best and better than the rest, plus the service is amazing! They treat us like family! If you have good ears, please take care of them, if not see Chris at Audibel." - Louis Herring





Patient Testimonials ""Thank you Audibel and Chris Youngblood for working with me on my hearing aids. It is a blessing to be able to hear again and to understand what others are saying. I didn't know how hard of hearing I was until I got these!" - Martha Griffin





Patient Testimonials "When purchasing hearing aids, price should not be the first consideration. The quality of the product and the people with whom you deal with, should be the primary considerations. I have been extremely pleased with my Audibel hearing aids and the people at the Audibel office. I whole heartily recommend that you should choose Audibel for your hearing needs." - Michael Luke 





Patient Testimonials "Thanks to Audibel for a great job fitting my new hearing aids. I call them the Cadillac of hearing aids. It not only has all the bells and whistles, but they work in all situations. I think every one with a hearing loss should come and let these folks check you out. Audibel has always made sure that everything was right and I certainly recommend them." - Raymond Gabbard





Ricky Pounds Testimonial Photo "I am hearing my daughter now that makes her so happy. My hearing aid has created more happiness in my life. It is so easy to maintain and it creates so much enjoyment! The investment in the aid is worth the excitement of hearing again! The service I get at Audibel is second to none. Chris & Donna are so helpful." - Ricky Pounds





Patient Testimonials "Wow! I can hear what's going on around me again. I feel younger with my hearing aids because I don't have to struggle to keep up with conversations. Visit Audibel and their warm, friendly staff. Don't let life pass without being able to hear clearly." - Rosemarie Kuter