Choosing Professional Hearing Help

Why Choosing Professional Hearing Help is Vital to Your Health

It is critical to your overall health to seek out a hearing healthcare professional versus over-the-counter hearing aids. Every hearing loss is as unique as the individual. With different types of hearing loss and levels of complexity, the safest, most effective treatment is to seek the help of a licensed hearing aid professional.

Hearing aid professionals are trained to identify hearing loss conditions and provide customized treatment that addresses your specific hearing needs and lifestyle. Hearing aids, if needed, are FDA-regulated, properly fitted, and programmed by the professional. Follow-up sessions help ensure your hearing stays optimal and are often included in the cost of the hearing aids.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids are a “one-size-fits-all” treatment meant for mild-to-moderate hearing loss that do not address specific or complex hearing needs. With the absence of proper regulations for OTC hearing aids, many being sold are unregulated, low-quality amplification devices. Unfortunately, these can cause further hearing damage and pose health risks by delaying professional treatment.

The harmful effects of OTC hearing aids have not gone unnoticed. Today, attorney generals of more than 17 U.S. states have issued consumer warnings about these devices (see state map below to view warnings).

Health risks related to untreated hearing loss include declining emotional and overall health; impaired memory and learning difficulties; reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety; social withdrawal; anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue; and decreased job performance.

Healthy hearing is vital to your overall health, emotional well-being, and quality of life. Get the individual treatment you need – book an appointment with one of our hearing aid professionals today.

Starkey Advocates for OTC Regulations and Hearing Health

Watch Starkey leadership explain the global hearing technology company’s Listen Carefully initiative.

States Speaking Out Against Improper OTC Marketing and Sales

Click a dark gray state to read their attorney general’s consumer warning on OTC hearing aids.


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I enjoyed my visit with American Hearing Aid Center. They are the nicest people and are willing to help you with any problem you have.

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Chris is one of the sweetest ladies ever. The best in Valdosta or anywhere else. She makes you feel special.. I will always go to Chris as long as she is there. Both ladies are WONDERFUL. LOVE Both of them 💗

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Always a pleasure doing business with American Hearing Aid Center!!

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Chris & Lona are always a pleasure to see & work with !! Thanks John

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Professional yet personal!!!

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First class service with first class people and product!

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As always greeted with a smile Chris is always very professional I trust them with my hearing problems wouldn’t take anything for my hearing aids

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Chris always takes her time explaining how everything works and will go out of her way to make things right if there are any problems

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Chris and Lana are the best. No more need be said.

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Vicki Spikes, on Google

I have visited several hearing aid companies this one is the very best they are very knowledgeable and do a excellent job testing your current hearing level

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Lance Colleen, on Google

Calling for the exam was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! It has made a huge difference in my life, especially being able to enjoy every word my granddaughter says. She’s definitely happy that Grandma can understand her now🥰. All of the staff is extremely friendly and...

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Teresa Gore, on Google

Chris and Lona are the best !!! I wouldn't think of using anybody else.

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They take care of you!..Great Dr's. And staff. Very friendly and caring. The Best Audiologists in Valdosta. I've been going there for many years.

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Friendly, knowledgeable, very professional!

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Steve McCall, on Google

My mother-in law's new hearing aids weren't working very well, so we called yesterday to see if we could get worked in. We are from out of town and had an appt in Valdosta, so this would be very convenient. My mother-in-law is 91 and it is a struggle for...

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Amy Webb, on Google

The service at Audibel has been wonderful to me. They provide excellent customer service. My hearing aid has been a life saver for me!! I would highly recommend Audibel in Valdosta to anyone that is struggling with hearing loss.

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David Conner, on Google

Absolutely the best hearing aid specialist in town! Happens to be my mom but also Chris is one of the nicest and most genuine people that you will ever meet. You will never regret a visit to Audibel for your hearing needs!

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Zack Youngblood, on Google

Chris Youngblood and Lora are special people. I have been there with my mom many years. She had excellent care for her hearing issues. Now I am with them for some of.the same issues. Tested and evaluated. Fitted with the best hearing aide. Ongoing teaching and ear care. This is...

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Annie wright, on Google

Excellent service!!! Always available if you are having a problem. Highly recommend them.

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Judy Lawson, on Google

Chris & Lona are excellent staff. They are there to help out at any time. I love the after appointments that are included in the price of the hearing aids. Going in to get ears and hearing aids checked every couple of months is way worth the price. Custom service...

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Wanda Lamon, on Google