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Great. Chris is WONDERFUL, helpful, and careing.

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Rosemarie Kuter, on Google

Always a pleasure doing business with American Hearing Aid Center!!

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Susan Diddle, on Google

Chris & Lona are always a pleasure to see & work with !! Thanks John

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John Q. Carroll, Sr., on Google

Professional yet personal!!!

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Kay Evans, on Google

First class service with first class people and product!

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Wayne Bell, on Google

As always greeted with a smile Chris is always very professional I trust them with my hearing problems wouldn’t take anything for my hearing aids

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Andra Davis, on Google

Chris always takes her time explaining how everything works and will go out of her way to make things right if there are any problems

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Nell Rigdon, on Google

Chris and Lana are the best. No more need be said.

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Daniel Donaghue, on Google

I have visited several hearing aid companies this one is the very best they are very knowledgeable and do a excellent job testing your current hearing level

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Lance Colleen, on Google

Calling for the exam was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! It has made a huge difference in my life, especially being able to enjoy every word my granddaughter says. She’s definitely happy that Grandma can understand her now🥰. All of the staff is extremely friendly and kind. Chris is very knowledgeable and patient. She explained everything clearly and made sure all my questions were answered. She took her time to adjust the settings to my comfort and scheduled follow up visits to check on me. She made some adjustments for me on the first follow up and went through the cleaning process again to be sure I was comfortable with it.

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Teresa Gore, on Google

Chris and Lona are the best !!! I wouldn't think of using anybody else.

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Allen Olive, on Google

Jason was AWESOME. Very detailed in explaining my condition. Definitely recommend him to everyone.

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Joey Blackburn, on Google

I have always appreciated how they treated me. I lost my hearing in a dive accident and was told that hearing aids were not an option. After they tested my hearing he said let’s try a set. I was amazed. The best thing about American Hearing Aid is that they do not go away after the sell. They keep my hearing aids and ears in top shape. This allowed me to keep my sales job until I was 74.

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Charles Rehberg, on Google

American Hearing Aid audiologist, Jason Murphy, reviewed with me how my hearing devices are helping me to continue to adjust my dependence to enhance my ability to specifically understand SPEECH from others when wearing my hearing aids. He explained that the more I use my hearing aids, the more receptive my adaptations will be. Wearing the aids regularly will help me to better receive information from different audiences. He cleaned, made adjustments as needed; after which he demonstrated how to better control the devices according to audience.

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Rosemarye Boykins, on Google

The staff were very congenial and made my visit pleasant. Jason's exam was thorough and gave me confidence that he was highly knowledgeable and honest. It's rare to find such a professional group of employees in a small business!

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Grant Plymel, on Google

I can hear so much better.

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Robert Plymale, on Google

Always professional and on time. Feels like family. Always willing to do anything to help.

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Kay Eubanks, on Google

Very pleasant and enjoyable experience

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celeste henry-kemper (CHINA DOLL), on Google

Jason Murphy and his staff are the best!!

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Linda Willis, on Google

I always have a great experience at Hearing Aid Center! Top notch service from Jason every time!!

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Daisy Anthony, on Google

Amazing. He was excellent at explaining things in a very understandable way. Listened to me and asked a lot of questions so that we could “connect the dots” and come up with a possible cause and treatment. Excellent service.

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Dona Carruth, on Google

My husband and I are so happy we chose to get our hearing aids here. Jason and Kay care and always go the extra mile to serve their customers well. They're simply the best!

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Susan Waterbury, on Google

Jason helps people learn to hear better.  Providing hearing aids is a by-product that enables him to help people with hearing loss and he does it with compassion, skill, a tremendous amount of knowledge and sincere concern for each patient.  You are not a number in the daily log.  When you get your hearing aids, you get Jason.  He has never mentioned his faith or his church but I’m convinced that you get service wrapped in the love of Christ each time you walk in the door.

Virgil Lee

I now hear conversations and don’t have to wonder what is being said. My grandchildren all speak soft and it’s such a delight to understand them and answer their questions, take part in their conversation. I am pleased with Jason Murphy’s readiness to help me get the best fit and understand my hearing aids along with their care. Mrs. Kay is helpful with any questions.  Thank you for helping me enjoy this journey to hearing clearer!

Elaine Sanders

I was able to have a conversation with my son at the ball park for the first time in years!  I can now hear birds and wildlife in the woods.  What a difference!!!  I can hear emergency vehicles now.  I can listen to my music on the radio or cd player and hear the preacher.  What a Blessing!  But most of all, I can hear my wonderful wife and she’s as excited about my new hearing aids as I am.  Thanks so Much!!!  Jason is very thorough and I did not feel rushed or pressured.

Larry Sanders

On the first day of wearing my Audibel hearing aids, I was sweeping out my carpet when I heard a sound I couldn’t identify.  In a moment, I realized the sound was the rustle of the pecan leaves, which I had not heard in some time.  My mother use to tell me the sound was the fairies playing in the leaves.  Give American Hearing Aid Center a try.  Great staff and Jason will do all he can to help you.

Sue Rumble

Hearing has improved the lives of my children as well as myself.  My children do not have to repeat everything they say and the TV is not so-o-o loud.  I enjoy being outside and listening to nature.  I’m glad I went to American Hearing Aid Center.  Jason and his staff are friendly, caring, and knowledgeable.

Juanita Faircloth

I absolutely love my hearing aids.  I can hear birds sing, dogs bark, and people talk.  When I take my aids out at night, I have mostly silence.  It’s great to wake up in the morning and reach for my hearing aids.  I am very thankful for them!  Wearing hearing aids doesn’t mean you’re old.  Hearing aids help any age improve their hearing and quality of life.  A hearing check is very simple.  The technology of hearing aids is changing rapidly for the better.   Jason puts me at ease and has plenty of time set aside to listen to my questions.  The whole atmosphere is very pleasant.

Linda Ryland

“It is amazing how much better I can hear now. I didn’t realize what I was missing. Getting used to wearing hearing aids was extremely easy. Everyone at American Hearing Aid Center is very friendly. They have certainly stood by their commitment to make sure I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids. I highly recommend their service and products.”

WL Carter

“I can recommend the American Hearing Aid Center with great enthusiasm. Not only have they provided me with a hearing aid to meet my needs, but they continue to provide me with periodic checks and service. This is a highly professional center with caring individuals at work. I am totally satisfied with the Audibel instrument and the friendly service I receive.”

Marion Neil

“The service has been phenomenal! There are simply no words to describe how pleased I am with my new Audibel hearing aids. Jason has been so patient with me and made sure I felt comfortable with my hearing aids. My experience has definitely been worth it!”

Linda Hoppock

“I have been an Audibel customer for several years. Recently, Jason Murphy upgraded my hearing aids and I have been very happy with them. Most of all, his service has been outstanding and he is always willing to do anything possible to satisfy the customer and help them maintain maximum hearing efficiency.”

Wayne Tootle

“I am overwhelmed with the special care and service I receive from American Hearing Aid Center. I don’t believe folks realize how their hearing is so very essential to their well being. I was unable to hear so I separated myself from others and became depressed. But, now that I can hear so much better with my new hearing aids I am a “NEW” person! Get help for your hearing loss, there is no reason you should not be able to hear.”

Rita Atkinson