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Meet the Staff

Chris Youngblood

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Chris Youngblood is a seasoned Hearing Aid Specialist licensed in the state of Georgia, bringing over two decades of expertise to the field. After relocating from Louisville, Kentucky, Chris and her family made Valdosta their home in 1982. She is a proud alumna of Valdosta High School and Valdosta State College.

Her journey in the hearing industry began in 1999 when she assumed the role of office manager in an Audiology practice. Quickly realizing her passion for assisting the hearing impaired, Chris dedicated herself to extensive study and hands-on training, culminating in her licensure as a Hearing Aid Specialist in 2004. Since April 1, 2009, Chris has been an integral part of Audibel Hearing Aid Centers in Valdosta.  She is thrilled to continue her role with American Hearing Aid Center in February 2024.  The business name may have changed, but Chris’s personalized attention and high standards of care remain her top priority.

Chris finds immense fulfillment in building lasting relationships with her patients and their families. She truly enjoys being able to help all of them experience a better quality of life through better hearing.  Striving for excellence, Chris focuses on delivering exceptional results each day, specializing in the fitting and programming of cutting-edge digital hearing aids. To stay at the forefront of her field, she engages in ongoing factory training and pursues continuing education courses, ensuring her knowledge aligns with the latest advancements in hearing aid technology.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Chris enjoys the outdoors, exploring new destinations through travel, and cherishing moments with family and friends. She married her husband, Robbie, in April of 1989, and have two amazing sons.  Robbie serves as the Production Manager at ERCO Worldwide, Inc. in Valdosta. Their eldest son, Ryan, achieved a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and resides in Atlanta with his wife, Hannah, and their daughters, Lily and Moriah. Meanwhile, Zack, the youngest son, earned his Doctoral Degree in Dentistry from the University of Florida and currently practices dentistry in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Family is everything to Chris, and the service she provides her patients not only reflects professional expertise but also exudes a warm family feel. Chris is dedicated to creating an environment where her patients feel not just like patients but cherished members of an extended family.

Lona Newbern

Patient Care Coordinator

Lona Newbern is a Patient Care Coordinator. Lona is originally from Jesup, Georgia, and moved to Sparks, Georgia, in January 2010. Lona graduated from Wayne County High School in 1986. She worked in finance for 21 years before coming to work with Audibel Hearing Aid Centers in 2019. Lona’s passion to care for and help people drew her to the hearing industry. She is excited about her new chapter with American Hearing Aid Center beginning February 2024. While the business name may change, Lona’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service remains unwavering.

What Lona loves most about helping the hearing impaired is the ability to watch lives being changed daily. It still amazes her how the ability to hear things that have not been heard in a long time enriches a person’s life. Lona understands because she has a profound hearing loss in her left ear. Struggling to hear stopped and the sounds of life were renewed once she was fit with hearing devices. Lona knows the importance of staying connected with loved ones and the world around her. Her personal hearing experience motivates her to serve her customers with excellence. She wants them to feel like a valued member of the family.

Outside of helping the hearing impaired, Lona treasures spending time with her family. Lona and her husband, Alan, married in May 2010. Lona loves riding with her husband on their Harley Davidson Trike. They enjoy traveling to the mountains together. Lona has one son, Robbie, that resides in Jesup, Georgia. At home, Lona likes to bird watch, flower garden, and decorate extravagantly for Christmas. Her friends affectionally refer to her as “Pinky” and her husband lovingly calls her “His Pinkster” because Lona loves pink!

The service at Audibel has been wonderful to me. They provide excellent customer service. My hearing aid has been a life saver for me!! I would highly recommend Audibel in Valdosta to anyone that is struggling with hearing loss.

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David Conner, on Google

Absolutely the best hearing aid specialist in town! Happens to be my mom but also Chris is one of the nicest and most genuine people that you will ever meet. You will never regret a visit to Audibel for your hearing needs!

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Zack Youngblood, on Google

Chris Youngblood and Lora are special people. I have been there with my mom many years. She had excellent care for her hearing issues. Now I am with them for some of.the same issues. Tested and evaluated. Fitted with the best hearing aide. Ongoing teaching and ear care. This is...

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Annie wright, on Google

Excellent service!!! Always available if you are having a problem. Highly recommend them.

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Judy Lawson, on Google

Chris & Lona are excellent staff. They are there to help out at any time. I love the after appointments that are included in the price of the hearing aids. Going in to get ears and hearing aids checked every couple of months is way worth the price. Custom service...

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Wanda Lamon, on Google

I am totally satisfied with my hearing aides from Audible Hearing Center. The hearing specialist, Ms. Chris Youngblood, is highly knowledgeable, extremely patient, and professional in the process of testing your hearing and fitting you with the appropriate hearing aides, tailored to your needs. Lonna, at the front desk, is...

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Mooney Man, on Google

You are greeted when you come in. Friendly and professional. I am pleased with the hearing aids and would recommend them.

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Buddy Wiegand, on Google

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Ashley McLeod, on Google

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Tommy Warner, on Google

They are the nicest people. Got in and out quick. Great ladies.

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Jeanette Genini, on Google

Great service and care.

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David Gaskins, on Google

Chris and Lonna are a great team! They have been wonderful to my mother and so helpful to me. I highly recommend them!

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Law Admin, on Google

I've been using Audibel for my hearing needs since 2017. My hearing has changed, and Chris at Audibel has kept my hearing clear! She explains everything you need to know and is very helpful. ❤ If you don't hear well & have to turn up the volume, then get your...

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Tonja, on Google

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Liza Rice, on Google

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Bill Williford, on Google